Despite years of pollution and neglect, the Salton Sea in Southern California is still a beautiful place, filled with wildlife and fish.


Available as an 8 by 10, 11 by 14, 13 by 19 or 16 by 20 inch print. Larger sizes available, pricing on request.  Also available as a stock image, prices available upon request.


Framing is available, see PayPal button below.

Framing is available on all prints; the 11 by 14 inch frame is used for 8 by 10 and 8.5 by 11 inch prints, the 16 by 20 inch frame is used for 11 by 14 inch prints, and the 20 by 24 inch frame is used for 13 by 19 inch prints.  All mattes are signed and numbered. Shipping is included on framed prints only.



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