ALAN STAATS has been producing award winning photography, video, editorial and graphic arts projects for clients ranging from individuals and families to "mom-and-pop" shops to multinational corporations and media outlets.


Currently based in Phoenix, AZ, we use the latest Nikon D800E and D810 cameras, Elinchrom strobes, and a selection of light modifiers that can light people and products (up to airline aircraft) in whatever aesthetic - from ultra soft to film noir - our clients desire...  And because we have spent so much time "on the road" our entire camera and lighting inventory (including generators) can travel to wherever our clients need us.


For artists and galleries, in particular, this means that their work can be photographed at their site, negating the need to transport fragile and/or heavy art works to a studio and avoid all the risks that may entail  For aircraft operators, brokers and manufacturers, their products are photographed with perfectly balanced lighting, allowing for a background that can be beautiful but not distracting.


Portraits, both formal, in-studio and environmental, are one of our many specialties.  During one particularly active recent year, we made over 600 portraits of subjects as varied as "The King of NASCAR" Richard Petty to actors and actresses to billionaire investor Lynn Tilton to Customs and Border Protection pilots to aircraft mechanics and customer service representatives.


We've also produced hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles on subjects as varied as the humanitarian responses to disasters (including Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Sandy as well as the Haitian Earthquake aftermath) to simplified descriptions of the human-machine interface as it relates to state of the art synthetic vision and enhanced vision-based aircraft navigation systems.  Our editorial standards are strict and high:  We tell the story honestly, compassionately and objectively.  We take notes and photographs.  We don't take sides.


Lastly, we provide public and media relations services for our clients.  Our press releases, sent to print and broadcast media outlets on behalf of our clients, have garnered thousands of column-inches of positive press and worldwide broadcast coverage.


If you're beginning to get the impression that our talents are multi-dimensional, you're correct.  We've photographed the highs and lows of human experience and accomplishment in over forty countries and counting.  Call us.  We'll go THERE for you.


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skype: alan.staats

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